Faith Harvest Church

Discovering Our Destiny by Pursuing God's Purposes

Core Values for FHSM

1.        To Maintain Sound Doctrine
We are committed to rightly dividing the Word of Truth during each class session. We will not follow the current trends that diminish doctrine in order to water down the whole counsel of God. It is vital that we teach and preach sound doctrine and embrace a theological approach founded upon the authenticity of the scriptures.
2.      To Instill Servant Leadership
We believe that true leadership begins with a willingness to lay down one’s life in principle and practice in the goal of establishing God’s kingdom on this earth. A model servant does not seek the honor of men, but rather the honor of God.
To Strive for Biblical Balance in Ministry

Understanding the balance in spiritual leadership between submission and authority can be all the difference between tragedy and triumph. By striving to set a standard for a Christ-centered biblical environment, we aim at helping the student develop a solid approach in how they will carry the reins of leadership. We purpose to do our best to balance truth with righteousness, holiness with humility, and grace with obedience.
To Educate and Cultivate Spiritual Discipline
Ministries today face many challenges, especially the need to stay faithful to their essential calling, and to strive after the workings of the Holy Spirit.  We hold that every minister develop a solid prayer life and have a deep devotional relationship with Christ.  Ministry is born out both and cannot be represented properly without it.
To Inspire purity in the Method and Motive of Ministry
The pull and appeal to use gimmicks or worldly principles to establish ministry taints the purity of God’s wisdom and diminishes the power of the gospel.  It is the goal of this school to inspire purity and integrity so that there isn’t anything that can be used to discredit or dishonor the influence of a Christ-centered ministry.
To Empower each student with Principles of Excellence
Ever seeking the highest and the best; never taking a less honorable path; refraining from compromise; maintaining consistency in life and ministry; and never skirting the truth no matter what it costs the flesh, are deep core beliefs held by this in this school and its administration.  Every student should strive for the mastery in ministry both in living the gospel and in preaching the gospel.