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Chapter Titles to:
Entering the Recovery Zone

1. Carving Out Character
2. Compromise Will Cost You
3. The "Hour" of Revelation
4. The Revolving Door Syndrome
5. How To Break the Cycle
6. Recovering What you Lost
7. The Praise Cure

"It is my desire to see people fulfill their destiny. So often things we don't even realize about ourselves have been like an unseen restraint holding us back from reaching our full potential. This book has some very important truths to help you pull back the veil to see the strategies of the enemy and how he has confined you through your mind, will, and emotions. I cannot emphasize enough how every child of God needs to read this book. Many of the things taught have come from years of experience in helping people step up to a new level in their walk with God."
-Pastor David

Entering the Recovery Zone - $12.00
Apostles and Prophets

There has been much misunderstanding about the role of the Apostle and Prophet in the church today. Is there still a need for their ministry? Didn't they serve a purpose in laying the foundation for the church long ago and have since ceased in their operation? Why did Paul inform us that they are part of the fivefold ministry gifts if they were only given for the first century church? Is there a difference between the twelve apostles of the Lamb and the present-day apostles of our day? What is the purpose of their ministry and what are the signs that reveal who is and who isn't called to be an apostle or a prophet?

Chapter titles:
1. Restoring the Foundation of God
2. The Office of the Apostle
3. The Office of the Prophet?
4. Shaping a Kingdom Culture

Apostles and Prophets - $9.00
Awake to Righteousness - $7.50
Submitting to God's righteousness is the key to ruling and reigning in life.  God has called every believer to walk in dominion. While there is an enemy that we must wrestle with in life, the Bible tells us that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God.  We have been placed in a position that empowers us to live an overcomer's life.  The key is discovering our place in Christ and walking in our authority over all the power of th enemy...
A great read on discovering who you are in Christ and how to take your place in him... "Awake to Righteousness."

There's a Liberty to Move - $ 12.00
The chapters in this book are some of the great truths that the Lord began to open Pastor's David heart up to as part of a shift that he told him was coming.  This revelation came at the turn of 2011.  Several great truths came to him through dreams or night visions. Others came by the Holy Spirit bringing him into the revelation of God's Word.  God is moving us into a season where there is coming a liberty to move in the Spirit so that heaven can get done on earth what needs to be done before the Lord Jesus Christ returns for his church...
A great book that opens up many truths to living a spiritual life - "There is a Liberty to Move." 

The Economy of Heaven - $12.00
This is a "must" for every Christian!  The economy of heaven is God's administrative structure and how his will is to be accomplished on the earth.  Every believer is called to be a steward of the manifold grace of God.  In this dispensation or economy of grace we are called upon to pray and exercise our faith that the will of God in heaven is carried out on this earth. This is our primary directive! We can change the spiritual landscape of our lives when we discover the spiritual connection we have with heaven.
To learn more about this powerful message, order your copy today: "The Economy of Heaven"

Overcoming the Spirit of Disobedience - $12.00
From before the time of man the one thing that has stood out as being the greatest threat among God's creation is one choosing to do their own will apart from God's.  That is what led to Lucifer's fall. It led to the angels falling with him, and it is what ultimately caused the fall of man.  Christ came to break the stronghold of a spirit of wilful disobedience that had lodged itself in the heart of man. Jesus "learned obedience by the things which he suffered" (Heb. 5:8). It was all about representing us so that the spirit of disobedience could be broken and man could be free to serve the will of God.
Discover the key to changing your life forever - "Obedience."

Why Every Believer Should Receive the Holy Spirit - $7.50
Every believer needs to know what it means in receiving the Holy Spirit into their life.  So much of what he came to do in us lies dormant because we have not understood the difference between the Spirit Within and the Spirit Upon.  This book explains the difference and helps you understand Paul's teachings in First Corinthians fourteen about the use and misuse of tongues.  This is sure to be a great asset as a witnessing tool to introduce folks to the person of the Holy Spirit.
To learn more about this truth, order your copy today: "Why Every Believer Should be Filled with the Holy Spirit"

Sacred Appointment - $9.00

The anointing is not just to provide you a touch from God, it is meant to put you in touch with God. In other words, you have recieved a holy commission; a meeting of purpose.  It is a holy arrangement made by God, a consecrated place of engagement where you are knit to Christ.  The moment you become engaged in this sacred appointment your life will never be the same...You have a sacred appointment to keep.  It is meant to bring you into a holy commitment, that will teach you, guide you, and protect you all the days of your life.

To learn more about this truth, order a copy today of, "The Sacred Appointment"

The Litmus Test of Love - $5.00

When it comes to walking in love it's all about being in the right position.  The stance you take makes all the difference in the world whether you will pass the test...How you respond to the love of God is the "All Out" test -- it is the most conclusive test you can take that will determine the level of victory you will experience.  How much are you willing to embrace?  To what extent are you willing to go?  How much are you willing to stand? What level do you expect to reach?  These questions are found in the Litmus Test of Love...

To discover more of these truths, order your copy of "The Litmus Test of Love"

The Watchman's Anointing - $9.00

 A  true watchman is someone who looks out and watches closely over another. Today's watchman are often referred to as spiritual fathers for they watch for your souls as they that must give account. Not every pastor becomes a father, and not every father becomes a pastor. But all true spiritual fathers are watchmen.  This book offers insight into the relationship between spiritual fathers and their sons.  Making the connection is a vital part to seeing a full release of the Watchman's anointing.  There is an anointing that comes with having a spiritual father, and that anointing is transferable. The Watchman's anointing is available for you as a father.  It is also available to you when you connect with a true father. 

Discover the truths contain in making the connection:  The Watchman's Anointing

Going on to Perfection - $5.00

The Christian life is a journey to perfection.  It involves growing up spiritually.  Paul wrote to the Christian Hebrews and said, "Let us go on unto perfection."  Perfection doesn't mean that you will never miss it or sin again.  It just means that you have come to a place in your life where you have learned how to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, so that you experience God in a way where his glory begins to manifest in your life.

Discover the keys to reaching the stature of the fullness of Christ:  "
Going On Unto Perfection"

The Power of Manifested Destiny - $9.00

Every child of God must experience the rite of passage if he wants to become all that God has destined for him to be.  Arriving at an ideal identification with Christ requires you to become integrated into the life of God, incorporated into his divine fullness. That's what this book is all about.  It will help you understand the spiritual steps to maturity and what awaits you if you will dare to make this pilgrimage. 


Buy now and discover the truth to "The Power of Manifested Destiny"

The Gifts of the Spirit - $9.00

These extraordinary gifts or manifestations have been given to the church to profit everyone, everywhere, whenever they are needed.  It is man's responsibility to know and understanding the operations of these gifts so that he canlearn how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. In this book you will discover what each gift means and how it operates.  Most importantly you will come to know the Great Distributor, the Paraclete--God's Holy Spirit. Get ready to journey through the supernatural

You can learn more by ordering your copy today, "The Gifts of the Spirit"

The Sword of Revival - $9.00

"The Sword of Revival" is a book that will confront issues that only those who are prepared to live a crucified life will welcome.  It does not matter if you want more of God or have settled for a life of mediocrity, the challenge to change awaits us all...The staggering truth about these last days is that Christ must bring his body into completeness before returning.  There are things that must be done within the church that is absolutely revolutionary.  As you begin to understand the truth concerning revival prepare yourself to face the sharp two-edged sword of God's Word.”


Buy now to discover for yourself the truth of: The Sword of Revival

True Prosperity - $9.00

"TRUE PROSPERITY Drawing a line between Money and Motive"
This is a must book for every believer who wants to know where financial prosperity and spiritual prosperity work together. Jesus said, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be
added unto you" (Matthew 6:33).  If God has assured us that he will meet our needs, do we still
have to use our faith for increase?Learn the secret to the motive and method of financial gain.

This book will help answers your questions:

Can a rich man enter into heaven?
How does tithing affect your relationship with God?
Do you have to give in order to get?
Does it matter where I plant my seed?

Buy now and discover the truth for yourself "True Properity"

Pathway to Destiny - $12.00

Ecclesiastes 8:6 says, “To every purpose there is time and judgment.”  Even though purpose is eternal, God has planned that your purpose be carried out during the time that you have here on this earth.  It is your window of opportunity to fulfill your destiny.  As you pass through this corridor of time there are doors you must open.  Each door is another phase closer to destiny...They are part of the blueprint of destiny designed to give you the details to God’s eternal plan.  Though the doors are relatively easy to recognize, sometimes they are difficult to step through. This book is designed to show you those doors and how you can successfully step into your divine purpose and carry out the call that is on your life.”


Buy now to discover for yourself the truth of Pathway To Destiny.

Lessons in the School of Prayer - $15.00

A.T. Pierson

This is another classic writing by A.T. Pierson that brings you into an understanding of personal, intimate communion with your heavenly Father.  With such an indepth teaching gift, Pierson opens the door of revelation to the prayer closet.  Guaranteed to increase your hunger to pray.
Buy Now and discover for yourself the secrets to
"Lessons in the School of Prayer"

Our Vital Union with Christ - $15.00

by A.T. Pierson

A.T. Pierson (1837-1911), was one of the most prolific writers of his day.  Considered by many as the "Father of Fundamentalism, he was instrumental in bringing to light the revelation of our identification with Christ and the rights and privileges we now have in Christ.  With most of his writings now out of print, Faith Harvest is now bringing back into print this outstanding work entitled, "Our Vital Union With Christ", an absolute MUST for every student and minister of the Word.

Buy Now and discover for yourself the truths contained in
"Our Vital Union with Christ"

Righteousness: Our Vital Union with Christ - $12.00

Understanding what happened to Jesus from the time he identified with our sin on the cross until he ascended up to the right hand of the Father is the key to everything we hold in our Christian Faith.  This is the heart of the Pauline Revelation.  It is our vital link to walking in the fulness of the blessing of the gospel.  Once you discover all that Christ did for you, then you have the basis to be all you can be in him. 

Buy now to discover for yourself the truth of:
 "Righteousness: Our Vital Union With Christ"

The Third Man - $9.00

The Third Man is a book that will take you behind the scenes of your redemption.  It is an in-depth revelation of the hidden man, the new man, the third man.  Get ready for the thrill of your life as you partake of the bread of heaven...The devil’s number one weapon against the church is ignorance.  The less we know about who we are in Christ, the greater the advantage Satan has against us.  He will use religion to defeat us if he can.  He will take half truths and twist them into false truths to produce self defeating precepts that destroy our initiative in God…There was something about the plan of God that was revealed to Paul that goes deeper than any other revelation given to man.  Paul saw in the spirit what happened to Jesus from the cross to the throne.”


Buy now to discover for yourself the truth to:  "The Third Man"

A Fruitful Life - $12.00

The Holy Spirit has been sent so that he can build into us the fulness of the divine nature. His eternal purpose is to lead all of creation into its destiny. Until we understand the importance of the inner beauty of his work, we may never fully appreciate the splendor and glory of his outer work.  Jonathan Edwards once said, "Grace is but glory begun, and glory is but grace perfected." The fruit of the Spirit can only be worked out in us as we learn how to appropriate the power of God's grace.  This is the mission of the Holy Spirit - to bring us into the order of divine manifestations, which can only be accomplished as we give him his rightful place in our lives.

Buy this book and discover the secret to a
"A Fruitful Life - Drawing from the wells of Living Water."

Applied Christianity - $9.00

The Christian Faith is far more than just what we believe.  It encompasses all that we are.  Jesus was very firm in his teachings that only those who continue in his Word can be his disciples.  It is the doer of the work that is blessed in his deed.  This book explains the importance of growing into maturity by being a doer of the Word.

Buy this book and discover "How To" be a blessed Christian with "Applied Christianity."

Finding Your Momentum - $5.00
There is a force greater than death that has conquering capabilities. It is called the life of God. When we allow this force to live itself in us, it can take a moment and turn it into a movement.  Every true move of God has the power to create momentum, and when we find momentum, we open wide the floodgates of heaven. Every move of God begins with those moments we find spent in the presence of God.  The deeper the experience, the greater the move.  What we want out of every experience is a move of God that creates a spiritual momentum, where we find ourselves moving and flowing with the Holy Spirit of God.  He's always moving - now it is time we let him move in us so we can experience a true move of God!

Discover the secret when you buy: "Finding Your Momentum"

Humility: The Taproot to Our Faith - $7.50
Humility is the key to living a kingdom life.  Everything about the life of Jesus demonstrated to us what it means to live totally dependent upon our heavenly Father.  If we are to achieve a life worthy of the Lord then we must make this a priority.  Only in the soil of humility can we ever grow to reach our potential...
One of the most important foundational teachings you will ever read - "Humility: The Taproot of Our Faith."

The Next Step - $7.50
The Next Step is a practical guide for new converts.  This book is designed to help new believers know what is involved in living the Christian faith.  It covers the experience of the new birth and what it means.  It also deals with growing up spiritually, the importance of receiving the Holy Spirit, spiritual warfare, and how to run your spiritual race.
This is a great tool to put in the hands of a baby Christian - "The Next Step"

Contending For the Faith - $7.50
What we have recorded in the four gospels are people who received from God according to their own faith.  They believed God and it was established.  That same faith came under attack where it became necessary for Jude to write and exhort the believers to contend for the faith that was once delivered unto the saints.  This book gives you eight different individuals who operated in faith to receive their miracle. This is a description of the faith we must contend to hve in our lives.
Discover the secret by buying  "Contending For the Faith."